How Many Modalities Do You Use in the Treatment Room?

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Now more than ever, modalities are taking over treatment rooms everywhere. While we know the power of human touch, there are many capabilities of skin devices that go beyond the hands. The number of modalities available to estheticians is only continuing to grow, and we want to know if you are capitalizing on this movement. 

We asked, and you answered! Our readers revealed the number of modalities they are currently using in the treatment room, and we are here to share those insights. It was revealed that 26% of respondents currently use 1-2 devices, almost half (49%) use 3-5 modalities in their treatments, and 25% have 6 or more modalities. 

It is clear to see that the number of devices being used in esthetic services is only continuing to grow, and industry pros agree. We know that benefits we can provide as skin experts can only be heightened through the use of advanced technology. In order to stay current on the latest device/tech trends, we have linked some of our tops articles on the topic. 

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