How to Provide Product Ingredient Education for Your Clients

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As estheticians, knowing the ingredients being used in skin care products and treatments is a must. Having this kind of education, and understanding how ingredients work together in skin care, can set you apart from other spa professionals. This is especially true with more consumers educating themselves on skin care. 

After asking our readers in our weekly poll, the answer was revealed to us. We discovered that 85% of readers indicated that they are being asked about the ingredients in the products being used in the treatment room, while only 15% had clients who were not interested in knowing the ingredients used on their skin. 

This research confirms a need for more ingredient information and education to provide to clients. Help your clients by going beyond the typical facial by providing them with product formulations to truly understand what is working and not working for their skin. We have linked ingredient-focused articles below to help get you started. 

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