Offer Affordable and Profitable Light-based Hair Removal in Your Skin Care Facility

SpaTouch Elite is an easy to use, easy to afford LHE hair removal system.
SpaTouch Elite is an easy to use, easy to afford LHE hair removal system.

Hair removal is one of the most lucrative avenues for revenue for your skin care facility, and the demand for hair removal continues to grow, even in these difficult economic times. Not only has the demand grown, expectations have, as well. Clients want long-lasting results and pain-free treatments. Your customers--past, present and future--have heard the praises of lasers and other light-based treatments and want the results for themselves.

In order to stay competitive, the ability to offer light-based hair removal becomes essential. But the cost of these systems from reputable companies is often prohibitive for skin care businesses like yours. Finding a cost-effective system that delivers first-class results without compromise is not as easy as most would like it to be. There is one system that meets all the criteria, the SpaTouch Elite from Radiancy.

SpaTouch Elite delivers with trusted and proven LHE phototherapy

SpaTouch Elite is based on Light & Heat Energy (LHE), Radiancy's proprietary, patented technology. Unlike other light-based technologies that discard heat, a natural consequence of the light pulse, LHE combines the energies of both light and heat. By incorporating heat, LHE creates a more efficient process that eliminates the need for both large cooling systems and skin-cooling techniques without compromising results. The LHE innovation created small, smart systems, lowering costs, increasing safety and improving efficiency.

For more than 12 years, physicians, estheticians and skin care specialists have relied on Radiancy LHE systems to deliver proven results and generate a steady flow of income. Many people are still using their original SpaTouch and SpaTouch II, a testament to the systems' innate dependability. The SpaTouch Elite builds on this solid and successful history to deliver a hair removal system you can rely on year after year.

What makes the SpaTouch Elite different?

SpaTouch Elite is an easy to use, easy to afford LHE hair removal system. By offering only one treatment from a portable, tabletop system, Radiancy radically lowered production costs to maximize your profit making potential.

Its large spot size and extra-fast pulse rate lets you work quickly, comfortably and confidently. An entire back becomes hair-free in only 15 minutes. And SpaTouch Elite is safe and effective for all your clients, including tanned, sensitive and skin types V and VI. Simple one-touch adjustments, user-friendly interface and its compact, portable design make it easy to use, integrating smoothly into your business.

SpaTouch Elite: Ideal and affordable light-based hair removal

Finding the right system and affording it are two different things. Not only is SpaTouch Elite priced well below comparable systems, Radiancy works with you to find the financial solution that fits comfortably with your business plan.

SpaTouch Elite is in a class of its own with high-performance hair removal at a very attractive price. Fast treatments and unsurpassed safety make it your go-to system for lasting hair removal. With SpaTouch Elite, Radiancy delivers affordable systems with proven technology from an established company you can rely on.

Learn more about SpaTouch Elite and other LHE phototherapy systems: 845-398-1647, [email protected] or www.radiancy.com.


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