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Creating content marketing that captivates an audience can be challenging. While there is not an exact science, there are some rules you can follow to ensure your content utilizes the best techniques.

Headlines - How Do They Help?

Headlines, can be the single most important aspect in creating a content marketing piece. The headline is responsible for attracting the audience (the bait), and a good intro is the hook. How will an audience engage in your content if they don't even click. Take time to create the right headline and follow some of these techniques to generate more clicks!

  • Headlines with 8 words receive the best click through rate 
  • Headlines with a colon or hyphen performed 9% better
  • Headlines with question marks perform better than exclamation points or full stops/periods
  • Highlight keywords - Utilize SEO to find keywords your audience searches for

Images and Their Value

According to a study conducted by Chute and Digiday, images can make content 20.3% more effective than just plain text.  This demonstrates how powerful images can be when conveying a message to an audience.  Images should be used to compliment the text while enhancing the user experience.  A few good practices for imagery are: 

  • Original and eye-catching graphics work the best for lead images
  • Charts or graphs when displaying information 

Forget Formatting? No Way!

How you format content on a page creates a visual hierarchy that allows you to control where readers look or interact.  It's important to think of the overall layout of your content to maintain your audiences' interest and optimize navigation.  Things to think about when considering layout:

  • Use shorter paragraphs 5-6 lines
  • Use bullet points
  • Add other elements to break up text
  • Include sub-headers

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