CIDESCO to Host 66th Annual World Congress & Exhibition


CIDESCO will host its 66th annual World Congress & Exhibition Sept. 6-9, 2018, in Stockholm.

This year’s event, themed “Beauty of the Northern Lights,” will include a cultural evening exploring Swedish traditions; a makeup and body art competition; the annual gala dinner; and a series of lectures and exhibitions featuring industry experts from around the globe

Speakers and presentations include:

  • René Nagels, Dermato-cosmetic scientist and founder of Nannic R&D—“Choosing the Right Type of Radio Frequency for Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments”
  • Trevor Steyn, South African chemist and founder of Esse Probiotic Skincare—“Billions of Live Probiotics (Beneficial Bacteria)—The Future in Professional Skincare!”
  • Dirk Hundertmark, professor and chemistry specialist, founder of Purebeau New Cosmetics—“The Principle of Plasma Technology: Fibroblast Non-Ablative Lifting without Surgery”  
  • Andrew Christine, M.D., skin and microneedling expert—“Microneedling and Papulopustular Acne—Delivering Innovative and Effective Patient Solutions”
  • Andrea Bovero, Ph.D., beauty, wellness and lifestyle expert—“Spa & Beauty Evolution: Market Trends and Innovation”
  • Michael Q. Pugliese, CEO of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese—“Innovative Ingredients Technology”
  • Linda Mehrens Flodin, makeup artist, founder and creative director of Mehrens Academy—“To Work Professionally with Makeup”
  • Jens Bergström, tattoo artist, consultant and founder of Tattoo and Piercing Education 2010—“Breaking the Skin Barrier and Keeping it Safe”
  • Sophie Alemany, former training manager for Givenchy Europe and the Middle East—“Mineral Therapies—Health or Skincare?”
  • Dimitra Tsantidou, member of the Greek Health Tourism Association, assistant of the Greek Thermal Medicine Academy—“Healing Waters”
  • Ghoncheh Yazdani, MD—“Innovative Treatment for Acne Vulgaris Shown in a New Study”

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