Manual and Mechanical Face Lymphatic Drainage 2-Day Workshop

Aug 24th, 2015
Aug 24th, 2015
22600 Ventura Blvd # 103, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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For Estheticians, Massage therapists, Nurses and Physical therapists helping their clients dealing with post-traumatic lymph nodes removal, and the edematous condition that follows. This gentle method of massage guides the lymphatic fluid to regions of the face and/or body for the purpose of purification through elimination of waste products of cellular metabolism while maintaining tissue nutrition and consequently enhancing the skin's appearance. Well established in Europe, Lymphatic Drainage plays an important role in Health and Wellness fields and has found its place in the Esthetic field, that is for enhancing the healing of post-surgical procedures to simple edema reducer. It is essential to respect the physiology of the lymphatic circulatory system and to learn the intra-cellular fluid and the extra-cellular fluid functions and relativity. The effect of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage on the nervous system, on the musculature, on the immune system of the body and its benefits in redefining Face and Body contour.