Glamorous Eye: Brow Definition + Day to Night Makeup

Apr 18th, 2015
Apr 18th, 2015
Arlington Heights , IL USA

The eyes are the windows to the sole, as the saying goes, but they are also one of the most noticeable facial features along with a beautiful smile. Learn how to fully enhance your eyes or those of your clients. Learn how to transform the eyes from a natural daytime look to a vivid evening look with the artful application of shadow, eyeliner, false lashes and brow grooming. Upon completion of this class you should be able to expertly instruct your clients how to make the correct color choices, and application techniques to achieve gorgeous trendy eye looks, customized to fit their specific physical characteristics. You will learn: How to achieve this year’s trendy brow looks How to contour brows according to your face shape How to fill in and add shape to the brows with pencils, gels, and powders How to achieve a soft and sophisticated day time look How to turn your subtle daytime look into a sizzling evening look