Catie Wiggy

Catie Wiggy is a Clean Beauty Esthetician and Founder of Creative Beauty Collective, a women-driven boutique consulting team focused on supporting clean CPG indie brands.  With 20+ years of experience as a marketer, brand educator, clean product formulator, and Licensed Master Esthetician, Catie's one of the driving forces behind increased natural consumer awareness and promoting clean indie brands.  

Catie has worked with a wide variety of brands throughout her  career and spent 13+ years as the Executive Vice President of  Marketing and Product Innovation for various CPG French  Transit Brands. Her passion and belief in safe, non-toxic, yet effective products,  along with her deep understanding of natural ingredients and  professional skincare, gives her a competitive advantage and  knowledge within the natural industry market and beauty  industry. 

Catie is a go-to skin care and green beauty expert and  contributes to various magazines, TV segments, radio shows,  podcasts, and consumer events. She is a member of the  STYLECRAZE medical review board team and an on-air Clean  Beauty news contributor across regional and national networks.  

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