Infrared Saunas in High Demand Among Spa-Goers

closeup of an infrared sauna

Perspire Sauna Studio, a popular infrared sauna franchise, announced a record year of growth in 2021 thanks to high consumer demand for unique wellness services. The company now has a total of 21 locations across the country and has provided 1 million sauna sessions since its start. 

Founded in 2010 in Southern California, Perspire Sauna Studio uses infrared lighting systems to enhance the user experience and create an atmosphere where guests can unwind, relax and achieve their wellness goals. The brand’s sauna technology, along with its medical-grade and high-intensity red light therapy bar help guests improve sleep, boost immunity, burn calories, reduce inflammation, and offer a space for people to allow their minds and bodies to feel better.

“People are prioritizing their wellness now more than ever,” said Lee Braun, Founder, and CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. “This trend, combined with the enthusiasm and dedication of our franchisees, has made it possible to quickly open new studios the past couple of years and cross the enormous milestone of 1 million sessions hosted. We are thrilled to keep welcoming new entrepreneurs to the Perspire family to bring the incredible benefits of infrared sauna and red light therapy to even more people over the next few years.”

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