3 Little-Known Benefits of Daily Red Light Therapy

Woman enjoying A red Led Light Facial Mask Treatment At home

Red light therapy is trending in wellness spaces like never before! In addition to loving in-spa sessions, consumers are scooping up LED masks and devices to continue their light therapy at home.

If you sell at-home light therapy masks in your retail area, make sure guests know about these benefits that will effortlessly transform their at-home wellness routines, according to the experts Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri, co-founders of infrared/light therapy brand HigherDose.

1. Resync Your Sleep

Modern daily life typically involves a lot of indoor, screen-heavy activity, meaning it is often more difficult to absorb a daily dose of natural light energy. 

Kaps and Berlingeri note that daily 20 minute sessions of red light therapy can help balance melatonin production and resync sleep schedules. They also recommend masks that include near infrared wavelengths. "The addition of infrared makes each treatment a warming, relaxing, mood-boosting experience," they explain. 

Such at-home masks can be considered a complement sleep wellness programming. 

2. Target Your Thyroid

According to Kaps and Berlingeri, exposing the neck to red light waves can help with thyroid conditions, potentially improving metabolism and balancing the body. They advise using daily red light therapy sessions to address not only the face, but other areas of the body as well. 

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In this way, light therapy targets wellness and beauty concerns from within, resulting in uplifted mood, activated metabolic function and reduced fine lines, say Kaps and Berlingeri. 

3. Unlock Your Natural Glow

Red light therapy is able to penetrate skin on a cellular level. When it works on sebaceous glands, say Kaps and Berlingeri, it can help reduce inflammation to address breakouts and improve the overall look of skin. 

Overall, though, red light helps regenerate cells and increase microcirculation, leading to a beautiful, natural glow.higherdose light therapy face mask laying flat on a purple background

"Red light therapy is a simple, noninvasive treatment that delivers light energy to your skin and cells, enhancing cellular function and igniting a natural glow," say Kaps and Berlingeri. They suggest opting for a cordless device that fits softly to maximize comfort. Clients will also appreciate options that include a head strap and eye holes so they can enjoy their LED treatment while relaxing, working out and everywhere in between. 

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