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Medicalia Skincare

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Created by the founder of the industry’s leading spa skincare brand Pevonia Botanica, Medicalia was founded by aesthetic inspiration and insight and upholds the company’s wellness ethos. Medicalia offers a comprehensive pre and post-operative skin care system and innovative peels featuring the most potent natural ingredients available in result-driven concentrations. Each Medi-Collection empowers medical spa professionals with the ideal clinical strength assortment to exceed patient satisfaction and boost revenue.

Clinically Tested Effective…Result-Driven

Medicalia Skincare is meticulously crafted to exclusively offer physicians and medical spas an innovative selection of clinical strength treatments and products with advanced technologies.

Each in-demand skin transforming formula is specifically tailored to:

  • Expedite wound healing pre and post-surgical/medical procedures
  • Decrease downtime concerns post-surgical/medical procedures
  • Provide serious solutions for common chronic skin conditions: acne, rosacea
  • Deliver anti-aging solutions for face and body
  • Provide body skincare solutions: bruising, stretchmarks
  • Meet consumer demand for effective yet natural skincare solutions
  • Increase profitability with easy to recommend and easy to follow regimens

Manufacturing Breakthroughs…Ultra-Absorption

Beyond traditional skincare, Medicalia fuses the best of Pre and Post-Surgical Management + MedSpa to ensure each product fully embodies the intricate fusion necessary to meet physician demands.

Every Medicalia Skincare product is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and non-irritant. Medicalia features extraordinary formulas with two advanced breakthrough emulsions: Water-Oil-Water Microemulsions and Oil-Water-Oil Microemulsions. Each of these are proven to facilitate product absorption within the skin. Additionally, Medicalia products feature Biomimetic technology; proven to improve, restore, repair, and boost the skin’s expedited healing and recovery process for optimum skin health.

Products from Medicalia Skincare

Medicalia's L+Lactic Peel

L+Lactic Peel exfoliates the skin while also brightening and balancing pH for a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion. 

Medicalia's Clarifying Cream

Clarifying Cream works to fight against breakouts while promoting a healthier complexion and preventing hyperkeratinization. 

Medicalia's Spot Treatment Fluid

Spot Treatment Fluid works to ward off acne causing bacteria while also diminishing breakouts and skin irritation. 

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