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Reflections: Pumpkin Spice...And Everything Nice

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It’s fall you favorite season! The very thought of pumpkin spiced anything gets me wound up, not to mention autumnal foliage, warm apple pies, trick-or-treaters, outdoor fires and the return of leggings to my wardrobe. It makes my heart happy, so I’m the first to rush to the store as soon as fall flavors hit the shelves.

Every year I see a slew of posts on social media early in the fall season begging “pumpkin-spicers” to hold off. “It’s too early,” they say. “You’re a life ruiner,” they declare. I’ve spoken to a few of these pumpkin-spice haters, and I’ve discovered that they love summer and dread fall arrival, which of course is represented by the poor old pumpkin.

I’m totally fine with people not liking the taste of pumpkin. I am. It is not for everyone. However, here are my top six reasons why I think everyone, especially spa professionals, should embrace fall and my beloved orange friend.

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1. Better skin. Clients are spending less time in the sun in the fall. Less time in the sun means less damage to the skin, even though we’d love to think they are minding our sunscreen rules. Their skin starts getting a break, while you are tasked with addressing all the questionable sun choices they made over the summer.

2. Routines return. Vacations for the most part are over, and their kids are going back to school. This means that clients are back to their normal schedules and will be in to see you more.

3. Holiday revenue. The arrival of fall means that the holidays are right around the corner. Now is a great time to get your ducks in a row with our holiday articles to make sure you make major revenue this year.

4. Pumpkin. Yes, I’m bringing up pumpkin again. It is so good for the skin. Its enzymes gently exfoliate skin and increase cell turnover, while its seed oil is a major moisturizer. It shouldn’t be relegated to fall; it should be beloved and used by skin care professionals all year long.

5. Less sweat. Colder weather outside means that clients aren’t working up a sweat before they come in to see you. My waxers know exactly what I am getting at here. You’re welcome.

6. Fall fashion. As soon as it is unveiled, fall fashion inspires us all to step up our style game. It also stirs up new color palettes and beauty trends, leading clients to inquire about and purchase more products.

I hope this inspires everyone to fall in love with fall. May your autumn season be filled with family, friends, festivity, fortune, pumpkin spice and everything nice.

Yours in Leggings,

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Senior Managing Editor

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