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Carotenoids Halt Hyperpigmentation in Sun-exposed Skin

Carotenoid supplements protect the skin against UVA-induced pigmentation, Amway and IUF researchers report.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Found to Prevent Psoriasis

Researchers have discovered that a vascular endothelial growth factor A can help prevent and treat psoriasis.

Is Your Sunscreen Kind to Coral?

A lot has come to light about what sunscreen can do to coral reefs, with many places banning certain ingredients. Learn whether the sunscreens you are carrying are safe or not.

A Prescription for Photodamage

See how you can treat your clients skin damage by better understanding how skin damage occurs.

Jar Deconstructed: Cica

Cica has a lot to bring to the table when it comes to skin care, so see how this ingredient can be used in your spa.

The Latest and Greatest in Skin Rejuvenation: NAD+

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, in its oxidized form (NAD+), has been identified as a key natural entity in the body that supports biological functions by restoring cellular health. As such, it is finding its way into anti-aging cosmetics.

Why Everyone is Talking About Vitamin F

Vitamin F is having a moment in skin care, and for good reason. This is an ingredient that everyone needs to pay attention to.

Top 3 Ingredient Trends of 2020

Make sure you are up to date and aware of the top skin care ingredients that are on the rise for 2020.

Bacteria in a Bottle: Microbiome and the Skin

Drew Coleman, vice president of sales and education for DMK International, provided Face & Body Southeast attendees an in-depth look at the skin’s microbiome, treatments that can have an adverse effect on the microbiome and microbiome-friendly ingredients to be on the look for in skin care.

Breaking Down Ingredients and Protocols in Anti-aging

Courtney Sykes wrapped up the first day of advanced education by discussing new ingredients and protocols in anti-aging.

Your Guide to An Inclusive Spa

Face & Body Southeast, taking place in Atlanta, from Feb. 8-10, 2020, recognized the importance of shaping an inclusive spa environment, and we are offering a host of educational classes for attendees to help them on their journey.

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