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Jar Deconstructed: Spin Trap

Spin trap provides antioxidant benefits to the skin, and it can easily be paired with treatments int he spa for anti-aging benefits.

Is Microbe Modulation the Future of Acne Care?

Researchers utilized a cocktail of donor bacterial communities to test the possibility of future probiotic solutions for acne and other skin conditions.

Protecting the Skin's Powerhouse

Aging is a top concern for many people when it comes to their skin, but could the issue really just lie in protecting the powerhouse of the cell?

How Hemp Can Promote Healthy Skin

With CBD becoming a booming part of the spa industry, a lot of misinformation has been spread about it. Time to set the record straight on how to properly source your CBD.

The Body's Connection Between Sunlight and Sleep

The sun is our friend more than our foe. See all the benefits that natural sunlight can have on the body, as well as how to naturally and holistically protect yourself from the not so great part.

A Visit From the Hormone Fairy

Menopause is inevitable for women, but treating it and understanding what it is doing to the body can make having it a little less difficult.

Consumers Seek Out Pineapples for Their Skin Care

Pineapple has become a top trendy ingredient for summer skin care routines due to its numerous benefits that consumers are very interested in.

Sensitive Skin 101

Regina Tucker urged class attendees to know and master the ingredient lists on skin care products in order to become experts on sensitive skin.

Jar Deconstructed: Niacinamide

Niacinamide has numerous benefits to the skin from aging to inflammation to pigmentation. See how you can add this magical ingredient into your spa.

Operation Protection

Humans are constantly exposed to toxic materials from the food we eat to, the water we drink and the air we breathe. See how you can make sure you stay protected!

Swimmer Beware: The Ocean May Mess With Your Skin Microbiome

The skin microbiome is altered by swimming in the ocean, recent findings suggest—opening the door to potential opportunities for personal care applications to fortify beach-goers' skin barriers.

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