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4 Skin Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea can help with acne, sun protection and even reverse signs of aging.

Revisiting the Skin Health Pyramid

Zoe Draelos, MD, has updated her 2014 Skin Health Pyramid to reflect new ingredients and new mechanisms of action in topical skin care.

3 Steps to Check an Ineffective Skin Care Routine

Can skin get "used to" products or is there another reason behind it?

The Healing Properties of Sandalwood

The ingredient can be used to help with skin concerns such as acne, scarring and inflammation.

Can Sliced Cucumbers Really Benefit the Eye Area?

Sliced cucumbers over the eyes is a staple at many spas, but does it really provide any benefits?

[Survey] The Impact of Skin Imperfections on Consumer's Mental Health

Mederma released survey results that showcased how skin imperfections affect the mental health of consumers.

Face & Body Provides Virtual Forum for Next-Level Education

Face & Body Virtual 2021 brought an incredible audience of medical aesthetic and spa professionals together for a great event.

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid Mixing

Common ingredients such as vitamin C and AHA do not work well with some ingredients.

What Skin Care Ingredient Lists Don't Tell You

All of these factors can be important when picking out or recommending a skin care product.

Hydroquinone: What Not to Do

Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent used to reduce hyperpigmentation, but its incorrect use could lead to unwanted side effects.

How Extremophile Plants Benefit the Skin

These plants work to protect the skin against extreme conditions.

How to Fix Skin Care Pilling

What is skin care pilling, and how can you stop it?

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