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Biomimetic Science: A Message in a Bottle

Biomimetic science is "The study of the formation, structure or function of biologically produced substances and materials..." So, how does this apply to the beauty and wellness industry?

You Are What You Eat: Whole Foods for Better Health and Skin

Nutrition plays a big role in healthy skin, and more specifically certain foods can make a big difference in the skin's appearance. From berries to chocolate, different foods positively impact the skin in different ways.

Jar Deconstructed: Elderberry

Elderberry is a species of flowering plants, and it is known for its healing capabilities due to its antioxidant power.

The Microbiome Movement: Commensal Cosmetics Offer a Viable Future

Various factors shape an individual’s skin microbiome, which has key effects on skin appearance and health. These are described herein, as is the potential to develop products in consideration of the microbiome.

Nano-sized Discovery Reveals Enormous Seasonal Skin Treatment Potential

The results of a new study suggest climate can affect the skin on biochemical and ultrastructural levels. This provides new pieces to the puzzle of seasonal differences in xerosis and dermatitis.

Fueling the Skin With Coffee

A green or black tea is a choice for some, but coffee is king for most.This article discusses the popularity of coffee not only as a drink but also for skin care.

Hemp For Holistic Healing

Cannabis is a growing trend in the spa community, and for good reason. The ingredient can be tweaked to become hemp, which has numerous benefits to the spa.

Itching For Answers: New Research on Eczema Source Revealed

A research team at National Jewish Health discovered new information on how a skewed immune system can affect atopic dermatitis.

IL-17: The Key To Psoriasis and Cardiac Disease?

The Journal of American Academy of Dermatology studied the correlation between psoriasis and cardiovascular disease, as well as what could be causing it.

Jar Deconstructed: Cherry

Cherry is a highly popular flavored food or drink, but more importantly this fruit packs one heck of a punch when it comes to how it benefits the skin.

Antioxidant Potential: Delivering the Goods

Antioxidants are multipurpose molecules that can help protect the cells from damage by breaking down free radical chains.

Putting Melanoma to Rest

A recent study found a way to quite literally put cancer cells to sleep. Clemens Schmitt and his research team dove into the science behind cellular senescence.

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