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Botulinum Toxin May Hold Untapped Potential for Common Skin Diseases

New research indicates that a better understanding of botulinum toxin may hold potential in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Part II Health-challenged Skin--Celiac Disease and SLE

There are many details to take into consideration when working with clients suffering from these diseases.

Vitamin D: Why It's Important in Your Skin Care Business

Incorporate this vitamin into clients' diets and treatments to make a profound difference in their health.

Peel Away the Mysteries of Acids

Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be expensive, and going under the knife is not the only way to capture that youthful appearance. Skin peels provide an effective, less expensive and less invasive alternative.

Spring into Action: April is National Rosacea Awareness Month

Medical therapy, combined with trigger avoidance, can help to reduce rosacea’s impact on most patients, says the chairman of the National Rosacea Society Medical Advisory Board.

Can Eating Carbs Give You Pimples?

Several new studies have examined the possible link between diet and acne, particularly carbohydrates and dairy products.

Is Snake Venom Just “Snake Oil?”

This synthetically produced ingredient mimics the activity of a polypeptide that is found in snake venom ... but does it work?

Are Your Clients in the Dark About Brightening?

Develop a deeper understanding of the action mechanisms of effective brightening ingredients, products and treatments.

The Healthy Skin Diet

Claudia Aguirre, PhD, from the The International Dermal Institute, offers tips on how to maintain healthy skin through a vitamin-rich food diet.

Industry Watchers: Wrangler to Launch Spa Jeans

According to a number of fashion industry watchers, the brand plans to unveil by the end of this month a "Denim Spa" range of jeans with moisturizing, slimming and cellulite-reducing capabilities.

Study Backs Safety of UV Lamps

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology says UV lamps typically used for drying nail polish are safe and don't increase skin cancer risk.

Inflammaging: Changing the Face of Skin Care

The concept of inflammaging may result in a widespread change in the professional skin care industry.

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