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Is Your Sunscreen Kind to Coral?

A lot has come to light about what sunscreen can do to coral reefs, with many places banning certain ingredients. Learn whether the sunscreens you are carrying are safe or not.

A Prescription for Photodamage

See how you can treat your clients skin damage by better understanding how skin damage occurs.

Jar Deconstructed: Cica

Cica has a lot to bring to the table when it comes to skin care, so see how this ingredient can be used in your spa.

The Latest and Greatest in Skin Rejuvenation: NAD+

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, in its oxidized form (NAD+), has been identified as a key natural entity in the body that supports biological functions by restoring cellular health. As such, it is finding its way into anti-aging cosmetics.

Why Everyone is Talking About Vitamin F

Vitamin F is having a moment in skin care, and for good reason. This is an ingredient that everyone needs to pay attention to.

Bacteria in a Bottle: Microbiome and the Skin

Drew Coleman, vice president of sales and education for DMK International, provided Face & Body Southeast attendees an in-depth look at the skin’s microbiome, treatments that can have an adverse effect on the microbiome and microbiome-friendly ingredients to be on the look for in skin care.

Breaking Down Ingredients and Protocols in Anti-aging

Courtney Sykes wrapped up the first day of advanced education by discussing new ingredients and protocols in anti-aging.

Your Guide to An Inclusive Spa

Face & Body Southeast, taking place in Atlanta, from Feb. 8-10, 2020, recognized the importance of shaping an inclusive spa environment, and we are offering a host of educational classes for attendees to help them on their journey.

Researchers Discover Skin Cancer Suppressor

Researchers at the University of Bath discovered a molecule that suppresses melanoma tumor growth that could help pave the way for skin cancer research and treatment.

Realization of Hydration

Why is the cosmetic industry so obsessed with hydration? Dive into the importance of hydration for the skin.

Topical vs. Oral CBD

We have one very important question...what are the true differences between oral and topical CBD?

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