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Electrolytes Deemed the Hydration Ingredient of 2020

Will electrolytes be the new hydration ingredient of 2020 that all of your clients will want?

Top 5 Questions on CBD

It's safe to say that CBD is here to stay in the industry, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of questions out there about it. That's why we had an industry expert answer the top five industry questions on CBD.

The Benefits of Making the Mineral Sunscreen Switch

Sunscreen has experienced a lot of change recently, and it can be hard to digest all of the new information coming out. We've broken down the importance of mineral sunscreens to make it easy.

Jar Deconstructed: Peptides

See how peptides can boost anti-aging in the skin, and the other benefits that it provides.

3 Must-have Categories of Skin Care Protection

Make sure you're protecting your skin with more than just sunscreen. See what key tips to protection perfection.

Peptides: An Antidote to Aging Skin

All clients are looking for the fountain of youth when it comes to their anti-aging needs. One key ingredient we may all be missing is peptides.

Research Identifies 8 More Genomes Linked to Skin Cancer

Indiana University cancer researcher Jiali Han, Ph.D., has recently identified eight new genomic regions that increase a person’s risk for skin cancer.

Carotenoids Halt Hyperpigmentation in Sun-exposed Skin

Carotenoid supplements protect the skin against UVA-induced pigmentation, Amway and IUF researchers report.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Found to Prevent Psoriasis

Researchers have discovered that a vascular endothelial growth factor A can help prevent and treat psoriasis.

Is Your Sunscreen Kind to Coral?

A lot has come to light about what sunscreen can do to coral reefs, with many places banning certain ingredients. Learn whether the sunscreens you are carrying are safe or not.

A Prescription for Photodamage

See how you can treat your clients skin damage by better understanding how skin damage occurs.

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