Jagger Addresses Rosacea Awareness


Ten percent of the UK population suffers from rosacea. With the aid of Dr. Dawn Harper and Dr. Anton Alexandroff, rosacea sufferer and makeup artist Sarah Jagger took to the streets of London to collect the reactions of the public and the misconceptions that go hand-in-hand with rosacea.

Rosacea is a relapsing, multi-symptom, long-term skin condition that can be characterized by facial redness and flushing due to abnormal blood flow.

Rosacea, if left untreated, can cause face disfiguration in the form of bumps and pimples. Despite the amount of people in the UK suffering from the skin disease, the sufferers still accept their condition in silence.

A nationwide survey comparing male and female faces with and without visible symptoms of rosacea introduced how persuasive the influence of rosacea can be. Multiple people believed that a person with facial redness was less likely to date or get married and they are less likely to believe that they are intelligent, trustworthy or reliable.

Rosacea sufferers can go for long periods of time before the correct diagnosis and treatment is given to them. Often, cosmetic products are what people with the skin condition use to cover up the affected skin. Due to the visibility of the symptoms, rosacea can cause anxiety and depression.

“It was a truly insightful experience,” said Jagger. “I spend my time helping people cover up their imperfections and help them feel confident in their skin. However, during this experience I felt increasingly conscious of those around me, constantly wondering what they were thinking. It was completely isolating.”

Harper said, “I’ve heard from patients how having rosacea affects them day-to-day, but this is the first time I have seen the sort of reactions that people with rosacea can face. I’m pleased to be involved in this campaign as I think it is important for rosacea sufferers to seek a diagnosis for this condition and know there is help available.”

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