Physiology of the Skin: Cellulite Questions

Here are some questions about cellulite that need to be answered by more research. Each of these questions is a research project. To read more about the treatment of celluite, see Peter T. Pugliese, MD's, article in the August 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine: "A New Look at Cellulite, Part II."

  • Why do some women not get cellulite?
  • Why do only a small percentage of Asian women not get cellulite?
  • What is the mechanism of MMPs attacking connective tissue in specific areas?
  • How can we best prevent menstrual cycling from destroying nonuterine tissue?
  • Why does estrogen appear to precipitate autoimmune reactions? How?
  • How can we boost collagen production safely and for a lifetime?
  • Are all fibroblast the same all over the body?
  • Do specific populations of fibroblasts respond to specific hormones?
  • Why is there no biological feedback mechanism to correct cellulite?
  • Hormones are potent biological compounds with multiple effects—how much do we really know about them?
  • We should look carefully at the relationship among estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, fat metabolism, neurological integrity and carbohydrate metabolism. Although a great deal is known, we have a long way to go.
  • Finally, what are the biological variations relating to cellulite in the various ethnic groups, not just Asians. Cellulite is a disease that may represent a springboard to understanding many of the biological problems relating to both aging and cancer.
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