3 Steps to Check an Ineffective Skin Care Routine

While skin can get 'used to' products, normally there is another cause behind it.
While skin can get "used to" products, normally there is another cause behind it.

Has a client ever come in and said their skin care "stopped working" or that their skin has gotten "used to" the products? Well, that might not be the actual issue. While skin can become "used to" skin care, it's not a common occurrence and normally just happens with a prescribed topical. 

So what should clients do when they think their skin care is no longer effective? Here are a few steps courtesy of MBG Lifestyle.

1. Check Expiration

First, its important to see if the products are still good. If a product is past its shelf life date or has signs of expiration, it won't do its job as well as it did in its prime. 

2. Wash

Make sure the canvas is clean. Products won't work properly if makeup or impurities are still on the skin. MBG mentions that skin pilling could also be a sign that the products aren't absorbing properly. 

3. See What's New

If a staple product has stopped working, see if clients have added anything new to the routine. Some ingredients don't mix well and can cancel out each other. 

If all checks out, it may be time for clients to switch up their products. A change in weather, environment or even stress can cause the skin to need different products. 

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