Naturally Clearing Skin with Willow Bark

Willow Bark
Willow bark has so many benefits in skin care.
Madeleine Steinbach

When it comes to natural remedies to skin concerns, willow bark is up there with some favorited ingredients. It has been used in traditional medicine, with records dating back over 4,000 years, for both medicinal and skin care benefits.1

“Willow Bark or Salix Alba Bark Extract is a botanical source of salicylic acid. This versatile ingredient acts as a gentle exfoliator to promote cell turnover and is rich in antioxidants that help to clear pores and soothe irritated skin.” - Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, Clinical Dermatologist and Founder of Epionce

"Willow bark provides a mild exfoliation revealing a brighter looking complexion without any side effects of burning or itching. It’s great to be used for all skin types whether dry or oily or even sensitive skin. I have been utilizing willow bark extracts since the 70s with great results." - Lydia Sarfati, CEO/Founder of Repechage

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