Why Papaya is Essential for Soothing Skin

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Papaya is an excellent ingredient for skin care.
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Papaya (Carica papaya) is a fantastic ingredient for healing the skin. The vitamins found in papaya make it great for use in exfoliating and anti-inflammatory skin care products.

The origin of using papaya in skin healing treatments started thanks to ancient Mayan civilizations. They would use papaya fruit in the form of a paste to heal skin rashes and other problems; they even honored the papaya tree and called it the "Tree of Life."1

Now, in modern times, papaya has easily become a favorite for its use in skin care, and it's no wonder why, considering the myriad of benefits it provides. 

Skin Care Benefits

While it is best known for it's anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, papaya actually has several benefits it provides to the skin. 

Acne control. Helping to reduce inflammation, while also providing exfoliating benefits, makes this a great ingredient when it comes to healing acne.

Wrinkle reduction. Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants that help to reduce signs of aging. It has even been shown in studies to combat free radical damage for a smooth and youthful appearance.2

Exfoliation. Papaya is a great enzyme to use in skin care to help slough off dead skin cells and leave a radiant glow.

Brightening. The enzymes, beta-carotene, vitamins and phytochemicals found in papaya make it great for evening skin tone and removes discoloration.2

Moisturization. Papaya juice specifically helps to deliver hydration to the skin, while the vitamin A and E found in papaya makes the skin more supple.3

"Papaya Enzymes remove dead skin cells while repairing damaged skin making it a great ingredient for resurfacing." - =Rebecca Olpin, Director of Education for Sorella Apothecary

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In The Spa

Papaya is actually harder to avoid than it is to find when it comes to skin care products and treatments. One popular pairing is papaya with pineapple in skin care, which can be found in products like Bio France Lab's Papaya and Pineapple Facial Enzyme Gel Wash Off Mask. This mask delivers vitamin A, C and E to the skin to protect against damage, moisturize and exfoliate. Green Envee also combines papaya and pineapple in their Rejuvenate Brightening Enzyme Masque that illuminates the complexion and reawakens the skin for an instant glow. 

A couple more skin care products with the pineapple and papaya pairing include the Shir-Organic Pure Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel, which thoroughly exfoliates the skin and is heavily saturated with vitamins and enzymes that work to soften and heal the skin. There's also the Lucrece Skin Care Pineapple and Papaya mask that aims to strengthen the skin while reducing redness, lightening blemishes, firming, hydrating and nourishing. 

Sorella Apothecary takes a different approach to this ingredient by pairing it with pumpkin instead of pineapple in their Papaya & Pumpkin Mask. This mask treats damaged skin with papaya and pumpkin that work together to hydrate and replenish, while honey provides the skin with a glow.

Remedios Skin Care moves away from masks by using papaya in their Papaya Enzyme Cleanse to help treat dry skin, premature aging, breakouts and cellulite by cleansing both the surface of the skin and deep within the pores. Pevonia also uses papaya in a variety of products like their De-Aging body balm, De-aging Saltmousse, Foam-A-Zym and Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream. 

Ayur-Medic uses green papaya in their Papaya Enzyme Pee to resurface and soften the skin while reducing hyperpigmentation, exfoliating and improving skin texture.

"Papaya contains bromelain, a protease (enzyme) extracted from the Papaya fruit. Used in a professional and an at home environment, it assists with exfoliation of the skin through the elimination of epidermal build-up (thickening of stratum corneum layer cells) due to its keratolytic (proteolytic) properties: it breaks down the intercellular bonds and structural protein constituents of surface keratinocytes into smaller fragments that can easily be dislodged." - Christian Jurist, MD, AMS, FS, Medical Director of Global Education for Pevonia International

The Papaya A-Peel

With all the benefits papaya provides to the skin, and so many ways it can be used in skin care, it is no question that is a must-have skin care ingredient for your spa arsenal. 


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