Hot New Ingredient: UV Booster for Organic Sunscreens

Croda has introduced a UV booster for organic sunscreen actives. Trimollient BC (INCI: Tris PPG-3 benzyl citrate) is a patented citrate ester demonstrating benefits in sun protection. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin, resulting in negative skin effects such as DNA damage and skin cancer.

To combat this penetration, the booster works with organic sunscreen actives to optimize absorption of the UVA spectra and prevent damage to the skin. The booster reportedly allows the formulator to optimize the UVA/UVB ratio and critical wavelength of a finished formulation to ensure maximum UVA protection claims on the label by shifting the critical wavelength further into the UVA spectrum.

The booster, therefore, enhances the sunscreen’s UVA absorption quality and enables formulators to place maximum UVA protection claims on their finished product labels. According to the company, benefits of formulating with the booster include easy incorporation into the oil phase of the formulation, compatibility with a majority of organic sunscreen actives, compatibility with hydroalcoholic sunscreen spray systems, added skin emolliency and maximum UVA protection labeling. For more information, visit:


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