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2020 Product Roundups

SI2003: Product Roundup Top Facial Tech

Technology is booming in the industry, and a big part of this boom is the advancement in facial devices. Make sure you've got the best devices for treatment and retail.

SI2003: Product Roundup Forever Young

Aging is a concern for all clients, young and old. Recommend these anti-wrinkle products to support their goals for more youthful skin.

SI2002: Hairy Situation Solutions

Unwanted hair is something nearly all clients have, so make sure you're stocked up with the right products.

SI2002: Don't Neglect, Protect

Don't let your clients get caught with sun damaged skin. Make sure they are staying protected with these sun care products.

SI2001: Mega Moisture

Help your clients fight winter dryness with these hydrating products.

SI2001: We Heart You

From chocolate to romance, Valentine's Day has a lot to offer, so make sure you have a lot to offer your clients for this holiday.