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2018 Product Roundups

SI December Roundup: Slick Tricks

Give your clients the best massage with these massage oil and cream products.

Si December Inspiration: Nothing But Neck

Make sure your clients are taking good care of the skin below the chin with these neck and chest products.

SI November Roundup: Holiday Glamour

Get your clients ready for any party look during the holidays with these makeup products.

SI November Inspiration: Winter Rescue

Show your clients how to beat winter skin with these nourishing and hydrating products.

SI October Roundup: Holiday Gift Guide

Be sure you have all the products your clients will want to give and get this holiday season.

SI October 2018 Inspiration: Skin Sculpting

Use these lifting and toning products and devices on your clients to give them a more youthful, sculpted face and body.

September 2018 Roundup: Pink Ribbon Pretty

Treat clients with cancer and support breast cancer research with these products.

September 2018 Inspiration: Eyes On the Prize

Keep clients' undereye area looking refreshed and youthful with these eye care products and devices.

August 2018 Roundup: Body Contouring

Say goodbye to dimpled and bumpy skin with these cellulite and fat reduction products.

August 2018 Inspiration: Sensitive Skin Satisfiers

Reduce irritation and redness in client's skin with these anti-irritation products.

July Product Roundup: Essentially Aromatic

Blend aromatherapy into your client's treatments with these essential oil-infused products.

July 2018 Inspiration: Pigment Pros

Help your clients lighten and brighten stubborn dark spots, age spots and more with these products and devices.

June 2018 Inspiration: Nocturnal Necessities

Don't sleep on these skin rejuvenating nighttime products.

June 2018 Roundup: Body Positive

Make sure your clients are covered from head to toe with these body care products.

May 2018 Roundup: De-Aging Devices

Iron out your client's wrinkles with these anti-aging devices.

May 2018 Inspiration: Wrinkle Remedies

Fighting aging isn't a battle when using these anti-wrinkle products. Keep your clients skin looking youthful and glowing.

April Roundup Inspiration: Hand Over Heels

Get your client's toe-tally ready to put their best foot, and hand, forward.

April Product Inspiration: Free Radical Fighters

Protect your clients from free radical and UV damage with these antioxidant-rich products.

March Inspiration: Naturally Beautiful

Harness the power of natural and organic skin care products

March Roundup: No Hair, No Red

Remove hair in sensitive areas, while keeping irritation and redness down with these products.

February Inspiration: Getting Lippy With It

Kiss dull lips goodbye with these lip colors and treatments.

February Roundup: Exfoliation Station

Get your clients ready for spring with these exfoliating peels, scrubs, enzymes and devices.

January Product Inspiration: Blemish Banishers

Acne products can make a big difference in a client's skin care routine.

January Product Roundup: Face Framers

Finish any client's face with a stash of lash and brow products.