Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment Uses Proprietary Botanical Extracts to Promote Healthy Skin

Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment

Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment is a hydrating, calming, firming and tightening formulation that promotes healthy skin from head to toe with a proprietary blend of botanicals in small-batch formulations. The treatment is Epicutis' first body product.

This advanced body treatment uses proprietary botanical extract derived from chia seeds, known as HYVIA, coupled with the spilanthes acmella flower extract work together to firm and deeply hydrate the skin. This potent combination is further enhanced by the inclusion of caffeine, lychee seed extract and glucosyl hesperidin, working in harmony to tighten the skin.

Epicutis' Lipid Body Treatment is engineered to firm and tighten the skin by reducing fat tissue thickness, neovascular activity and an overall reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just one application provides instant and long-lasting hydration, ensuring skin remains refreshed and revitalized for a full 24 hours.

Key Ingredients:

Hyvia: Boost hydration and strengthen the skin barrier

Splinathes Acmella Flower Extract: Firm + tighten skin

Lychee Seed Extract: Reduce fat tissue thickness

Glucosyl Hesperidin: Decrease neovascularization

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