“Boudoir” Tattoo Wax - Remove hair, brighten a tattoo, or Both!



Boudoir has been designed with sensitive skin in mind and is ideal for pre-tattoo services as well as tattoo maintenance.

How and Why?

Tattoo artists shave the area before: hair begins to grow back within a day, causing stubble and skin may be bumpy and itchy resulting in pain and discomfort

Waxing benefits: hair doesn’t grow back for several weeks giving the skin more time to heal after a tattoo resulting in less pain and discomfort.

Why would I wax after a tattoo? Exfoliation is an important step in maintaining the vibrancy of a tattoo, otherwise is may appear dull and lifeless.

Boudoir Tattoo Wax has been designed to exfoliate and brighten the tattoo ultimately maintaining its longevity. Recruit new clients with this unique and exclusive service. Tattoos are for life–tattoo waxing services create lifetime clients! Hypoallergic Non-Strip Wax for ultra-sensitive skin.

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