Osmosis Radiance & Satin Treatment Primers Enhances Complexion for Glowing Skin

Treatment Primers 3

Osmosis Radiance Treatment Primer is a luxurious formula that unveils a radiant, luminous complexion. This primer nourishes skin with a blend of antioxidants and soothing actives. Experience the magic of glowing, healthy skin and long-lasting makeup.

This unique formula promotes skin hydration, giving skin a plump, youthful feel and bounce. Ingredients like linoleic acid, saponins, licorice, chamomile, skullcap, knotweed, and green tea contribute to overall skin well-being, ensuring the complexion radiates its best even without makeup.

Apply a small amount of Radiance Treatment Primer to clean and moisturize skin before makeup application for a luminous, radiant finish.

Osmosis Satin Treatment Primer offers a more natural, semi-matte finish. It offers a soft focus effect that enhances the complexion while keeping it beautifully understated.

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