Dermalogica’s At-home Liquid Peelfoliant Exfoliates and Brightens Skin

Deramalogica Liquid Peelfoliant

Dermalogica’s Liquid Peelfoliant is a daily peel with a potent blend of acids and enzymes that smooths the appearance of fine lines while helping to visibly minimize pores and even skin tone.

The professional-grade at-home peel uses a blend of 30% acids and enzymes (glycolic, lactic, salicylic, phytic and tranexamic acids) that work at different layers of the skin’s surface to thoroughly exfoliate, help unclog pores and reveal smoother, brighter skin. A lipid-rich blend with upcycled Cranberry Extract also promotes long-lasting hydration.

Key Ingredients:

  • AHAs and BHAs that exfoliate and unclog pores
  • Phytic and Tranexamic acids that brighten and even complexion
  • PHA + fermented Pomegranate that exfoliates without stripping skin
  • Ceramides and Upcycled Cranberries to neutralize free radicals
  • Red Gardenia Extract to soothe skin
  • Sodium PCA Complex to hydrate skin

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