Yonka Paris Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist Offers Lightweight Protection from Free Radical Damage

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Yonka Paris Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist offers lightweight protection from pollution and light damage. This multi-action refreshing mist is rich in plant polyphenols from Sophora Japonica and Butterfly Tree extracts that protect against environmental free radical damage. A natural anti-adhesion sugar creates a breathable protective bubble that feels like a veil but acts like a shield.

The mist features a natural scent from sweet orange, green mandarin and magnolia. It can be applied throughout the day for proven multi-action effectiveness and double protection shield that blocks the damaging effects of cellular degradation. It is recommended for all ages and skin types, even sensitive skin

Efficacy Testing Results of Twice Daily Use (cited by Yonka Paris):

  • After seven days, the skin's radiance was enhanced by 16% and its even tone was improved by 40%
  • Particles like soot, metals and dust were reduced by 64%
  • 86% of the women found this product more effective than the similar care used until then

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