TheraGenesis Skincare's Merry & Bright

Tg Gift Merry Bright

TheraGenesis Skincare's Merry & Bright includes the Daily Vita C Serum 15ml, Brighten Complex Serum 15ml and Luminosity Creme 15ml. 

Kit Includes

  • Daily Vita C Serum is a high potency multi-C cocktail that infuses skin with powerful antioxidants. This fast penetrating formula combats environmental damage while delivering intensive levels of skin revitalizing and collagen synthesizing nourishment.
  • Brighten Complex Serum is an age defining serum with stem cells and resveratrol that helps to lighten and brighten skin. The serum offers a synergistic blend of five proven natural source skin brighteners and powerful age reversing Swiss apple stem cells.
  • Luminosity Creme is specifically designed to work synergistically with the two serums in this package. Key ingredients such as vitamin C and stem cells are paired with skin brightening agents to provide melanin inhibiting properties. This rejuvenating moisture crème restores balance and clarity in environmentally stressed or pigmented skin.


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