body drench's Peel Off Masks Line Expansion


Peel Off Masks Line Expansion includes four new formulations of masks that focus on different trending skin care ingredients. 

Masks Included in Collection

  • The 24 Karat Gold Dust Mask: gold shimmer peel-off mask that uses vitamin C and rose to brighten skin and restore radiance.
  • The Silver Pearl Mask: pearlescent silver peel-off mask infused with lavender and vitamin E to firm, tone and calm skin.
  • The Violet Berry Mask: violet peel-off mask infused with antioxidants and superberry extracts like Maqui Berry, Elderberry and blueberry to reduce signs of aging.
  • The Aquamarine Supergreen Mask: iridescent blue-green peel-off mask formulated with matcha and spirulina to remove deep impurities while hydrating and replenishing.

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