Babor's Ampoule Concentrates Limited-Edition Spring Egg


Ampoule Concentrate Limited-Edition Spring Egg is a 14-day treatment that includes a range of nine different ampoule formulas. This treatment is designed to strengthen, hydrate, protect and lift the skin to leave it with a radiant glow. 

Ampoules in this Kit

Hydra Plus (1) - moisturizes and smooths to skin to reduce dryness lines.

Algae Vitalizer (1) - hydrates the skin to provide a natural radiance.

Beauty Rescue (2) - strengthens the skin's barrier and moisturizes to reduce dryness lines.

Oxygen Plus (1) - revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin to protect it against free radicals.

Active Night (2) - calms the skin while increasing its energy levels to promote cell renewal.

Perfect Glow (2) - activates cell renewal, reduces dryness lines and protects against blue light digital aging while reflecting light for a luminous glow.

3D Firming (2) - firms skin tissue while helping remodel and firm facial contours.

Lift Express (2) - reduces appearance of wrinkles and smooths skin's surface.

SeaCreation (1) - provides and all around anti-aging effect. 


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