Growth, Trends in Cosmetic Laser Treatments Revealed

In the world of cosmetic lasers, technology has finally caught up with people's expectations, creating a potentially new blockbuster market. Laser procedures are meeting consumer demand for fast solutions to some of the most common beauty problems of both men and women. These problems include unwanted hair and aging skin—that is wrinkles or lines.

The key attractions of the cosmetic laser procedure is that it is easy, pain-free and of long-term duration, which are of premium value to people with busy lifestyles who lack time.

Laser procedures are taking consumers and their beauty dollars from established and more traditional salons and spas. They are also expanding the consumer base, as they attract new and younger clients. Indeed, almost a third of cosmetic laser clients could be new to the professional beauty market.

Laser clinics reported double digit growth in 2007 compared to 2006. Diagonal Reports forecasts that the cosmetic laser procedure market could grow by much more than 100% over the next three years. Skin care and cellulite treatments will allow clinics and medical spas to increase their sales. Laser hair removal procedures have probably peaked.

Top cosmetic laser procedures are:
* Hair removal
* Skin rejuvenation
* Skin tightening
* Blemish removal
* Damage repair—sun, acne, tattoos and so on
* Cellulite

This report Cosmetic Laser Procedure Market US 2008 is published in April. All findings are based on interviews with leading cosmetic laser experts in medical spas and laser clinics. The cosmetic laser procedure market series will cover Germany, France, China, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Diagonal Reports tracks the wellness and beauty market worldwide. It researches developments in cosmetic medicine, fitness, wellness and beauty clinic, spa and salon markets worldwide.

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