Hot New Technology: Analytical UV Device

Pro-Lite Technology LLP has released the UV-2000S from Labsphere, a dedicated sunscreen, in vitro UV transmittance analyzer that has reportedly been designed to exceed the European Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association's (Colipa) UVA Protection Factor (UVA-PF) requirements and to support the development of higher protection factor sunscreens.

The UV-2000S device is an upgraded version of the original Labsphere UV-1000S device, a standard in vitro analyzer of sunscreen SPF and UVA ratio measurements, launched in 1997. The new device retains the speed and ease of use of the original but incorporates improvements to ensure that it exceeds the requirements of the COLIPA UVA-PF method. Like the original, the device employs high speed spectrometers with diode array detectors for immediate spectral acquisition, as well as a Spectralon integrating sphere with xenon flashlamp for diffuse illumination without sample heating.

Furthermore, the company has responded to user input and has made the operator’s job simpler; for example, the device comes with a sample positioning stage that allows the user to repeatably position slides for multi-point measurements both before and after solar irradiation.

This UV spectrophotometer measures the diffuse transmittance of a sunscreen sample applied to a transparent substrate material in the UVA and UVB bands, from 280 to 400nm. It then calculates the SPF, UVA to UVB transmittance ratio, critical wavelength, the COLIPA UVA-PF and the 2008 Boots Star Rating factor. In vitro sunscreen testing with this device will reportedly allow sunscreen formulators to bring products to market quickly and at reduced cost. 

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