Duri Cosmetics' Serendipitous Collection


Serendipitous Collection was inspired by the aspiration of magical moments with playful nails at hand. This collection includes shimmery, opaque nail polish shades that range from bright colors to pastels. The brush included in the nail polish is designed to be high-end for smooth application.

Colors in this Collection

  • Serendipity: burgundy
  • Destiny: bright fuchsia shimmer
  • Head Over Heels: pink salmon tinted, shimmer
  • Karma: vivid tangelo tones with shimmer
  • In The Cards: coral
  • Lucky Chance: milky coral with a high gloss finish
  • Limitless: pastel pink mauve
  • Kismet: creamy pastel lavender pink
  • Fortuna: pastel light cobalt blue
  • Devine: light pastel purple
  • Moon Struck: Light blue violet gray
  • Aha Moment: Pearly light pink with shimmery translucent finish

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