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Tranquillity is a relaxation treatment system featuring six products to help destress from a daily lifestyle.

The Tranquility Blend is a mixture of cedar and sweet orange essential oils to relieve tension and contribute toward rest and relaxation. This product uses the benefits of aromatherapy to help both the body and the mind have an immediate sense of wellbeing. Other essential oils included are damask rose, sandal, geranium and vetiver to provide a specific olfactory identity.

The Tranquillity Shower Cream provides intense moisturizing properties to produce silky and scented skin. With the combination of amaranth oil and an exclusive blend of multiple essential oils, this product provides an immediate sense of wellbeing. By reducing stress and tension, this product rebalances the body and the mind.

The Tranquillity Oil is an aromatic experience for the bath and the body, which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. This product is made without silicones and has a versatile and innovative formula transforming once it is in water. When applied directly to the body, it is a nourishing oil providing a non-greasy, silky effect. The aromatic notes of this product reduce stress and balance the body and the mind.

The Tranquillity Body Lotion is an aromatic lotion, which quickly abosrbs into the skin and helps moisturize and leave skin feeling silky. This product is made without silicones and uses 92% of natural ingredients. This light formula moisturizes the skin quickly, while providing an aromatic experience for the user.

The Tranquillity Body Cream is an aromatic, nourishing cream with extreme hydrating properties and is easy to massage into the skin. The rich and refined texture provides immediate comfort to the skin and delivers a deep moisturization to drier areas throughout the body. The exclusive blend of oils is great for stress reduction and the user’s wellbeing routine.

The Tranquillity Hand Cream is a quickly absorbing and non-greasy cream made with 96% natural ingredients. This product provides a nourishing texture to repair and protect the hands from environmental aggressions and skin aging. This rapidly absorbing product provides a silky effect for the hands, leaving them soft and pleasantly scented. 212-924-2454, www.comfortzone.it

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