Hansderma Inc.'s QiRex Energy Oil


The QiRex Energy Oil helps boost energy, while using a process that harnesses the sun’s life-nurturing energy to supplement the user’s energy level.

The product is all-natural and, when used regularly, can invigorate and relax users. By using the sun’s energy to deliver nutrients to the body, there is no need for chemicals.

This product uses high grade botanical oils and does not have any adverse effects since there is no sugar, caffeine, chemicals or alcohol involved.

Stress release and an increase in stamina have also been associated with the use of this product, clearing up energy blockages in order to allow the user to have more energy available throughout the day.

This product not only focuses body energy, but can also focus on mental energy. The oil naturally brings more blood to the head, allowing for better concentration.

An improvement in the immune system is also involved with the destruction of energy blockades. With more room for energy to flow, this product boosts the body’s self-defense system.

The stronger self-defense system in the body also leads to a quicker recovery if the body does become infected. 562-927-8025, www.hansderma.net

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