Lena & Lina LLC’s Trio Benediction Collection


The Trio Benediction Collection is a four-product collection helping revitalize the skin with a natural human-type ceramide. The collection hydrates, brightens and transcends age and takes care of the skin to be fresh for years to come.

The collection includes:

  1. Ceramide Infused Essence Mist +, which refreshes and revives the complexion, protecting the skin. This product ensures radiance and locks in the healthy look of the skin.
  2. Creme Rejuv + reinvigorates the skin. The moisture lock creates a barrier of defense to keep the skin bright, hydrated and supple. 
  3. Restorative Ceramide Serum + reinvigorates and moisturizes the skin. This product promotes a repaired and refined complexion.
  4. Hydra Cleanse + locks in the skin’s moisture to create a barrier of defense against the elements of everyday life. The skin’s pH will be balanced, leaving the skin looking hydrated and brightened.

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