Skinprint’s Healing Serum


The Healing Serum is relaunched with a new formula to provide better results. The new ingredients provide benefits in reducing the appearance of visible scars and helping new wounds heal better and quickly.

The new formula contains multiple calming actives to calm skin using multiple methods and progress granularization, in addition to promoting healing and improving skin texture. Additionally, this product improves wrinkles and tone, while also enhancing skin clarity.

The new blend containing anti-aging properties and helping to smooth skin consists of:

  • Lamellar lipid barrier system
  • Glucan protective film
  • Carnosine inhibition of AGE’s
  • Laminaria digitata for enhanced oxygenation and skin respiration
  • Bifida ferment lysate to support a balanced immune process
  • Lipophilic antioxidants coenzyme Q-10
  • Vitamin E to balance endogenous antioxidant levels


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