Bioline-Jatò’s Body Concept


Body Concept is a wellness program that helps create a dialogue between estheticians and clients. Aimed at helping clients understand their body, Body Concept is a collection of professional and at-home products, manual sequences and massages that provide a customized solution to enhance  the client’s natural beauty. Body Concept’s formulation strategy is based on functional complexes: Blu Technology and Cell-Reverse Seaweed, Liporeducer Complex and Pro-Elasticity Complex. 

Professional products include:

  • Bioaroma Relaxing EQL Oil
  • Bioaroma Energy DRN Oil
  • Bioaroma Normalizing DTX Oil
  • Bioaroma Softening DEC Oil
  • EXFO Marine Scrub Salt Crystals
  • GLYCO Peel AHA Renewing Fluid
  • DRN Active Anti-Water Concentrate
  • Lipoactive Thermogenic Concentrate
  • Tonactive Elasticizing Concentrate
  • ALGO DRN Sea Mud
  • Thermoshape Volcanic Mud
  • Tone & Shine White Flowers Wrap
  • Sculpt & DRN Bandage
  • DRN Cell Oil
  • Liposhape Cream
  • Hydrasource Body Lotion

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