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Omnilux’s Hydrogel Facial Mask

Hydrogel Facial Mask nourishes and cools the face.

Epicuren Discovery’s Defend & Balance Tinted Mineral SPF 50

Tinted Mineral SPF 50 protects skin from UVA and UVB rays.

10 + Free's Sugar Nail Polish Remover

Sugar Nail Polish Remover is a vegan nail polish remover that is not over-drying and keeps the nail healthy after use.

Omni Bioceutical Innovations' TaC Biome Boosting Facial Cleanser

Boosting Facial Cleanser protects the surface of the skin, while also cleansing it thoroughly. 

Black Mermaid's Bath & Body Pure & Clean Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Pure & Clean Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer kills bacteria, without drying the skin.

Global Beauty Private Label Skin Care's Exfoliating Pads

Exfoliating Pads work to exfoliate the skin, while also ridding it of its impurities. The pads can be used everyday and on multiple skin types. 

France Laure's Radiant Lip Balm

Radiant Lip Balm helps to protect and shape the lips to provide a hydrated, nourished and healthy pout. 

Otaci's Rose Toner

Rose Toner uses 100% rose water to purify the skin while promoting firmness, cellular moisture and softness. 

White Egret's Hemp Mineral Creme

Hemp Mineral Creme uses CBD and menthol extract to cool and sooth the skin while also relaxing and nourishing it. 

Monique Matthieu's Facial Mask

Facial Mask is a reusable and comfortable mask that can be worn for protective purposes in the office or spa. 

Wakse's Dessert Collection

Dessert Collection has a Mint Chocolate, Brownie Fudge and Banana Split scent to provide an indulgent experience while waxing. 

Babor's Brightening Intense Daily Bright Serum

Brightening Intense Daily Bright Serum helps to provide an immediate glow while brightening the skin over time. 

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