Where Do You Buy Your Spa Supplies?

Spa Supplies
Where do you get your spa essentials?

When there are so many fun and flashy products and tools to choose from when stocking your backbar and retail shelves, it can be easy to forget the staple spa supplies you need to budget for as well. Spa supplies are essential and unavoidable when it comes to having an efficient spa. So, how do you choose where to get your supplies from? 

When we asked our readers, 76% of them said they get them from distributors/wholesalers, while another 20% shared they get them direct from manufacturers, and a final 4% said that they get them from "other." 

When it comes to stocking up your treatment room, it's important to know what supplies you need. Thankfully, we like to keep you updated on what new supplies are launching in the industry in the Equiptment/Product Tools section of our website. Don't miss out the latest launches we share there! 

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