Do You Know How to Effectively Display Retail Products?

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We all know the importance of an effectively retail display. Your spa's entry room and retail space can make or break a client's first impression of your business. Not only does it welcome them into your services, but it is the last space they visit before their departure. Because of this, knowing the tools for creating an attractive retail space is extremely important.

Your retail selling skills can only be heightened by successfully displaying your products in a way that grabs your clients attention. When we asked our Skin Inc. audience, 88% shared that they are looking for more ways to create an attractive display area in their spa.

We've shared some top tips below on where you can start for maximizing your retail displays. 

1. Switch It Up

You should make sure to regularly change what is being displayed in your retail areas. If your clients continue to walk in and see the same exact displays over and over again, nothing is going to make them pause and look at what is there.1 Get some variety on your shelves and swap out what you're highlighting in your display area.

2. Call Out Buzz Words

With social media being a prominent space that many skin care trends are born, use this to your advantage. Call out some trending ingredients in your display area that correlates to products you're selling. A perfect example would be to have a little set up of a couple of products that could assist in skin flooding. Stay up-to-date on what is trending and when you're able call it out in your retail space. 

3. Set a Vibe

Lighting and music are key to retail display areas. Lighting helps to draw attention, and a well-lit display area will always pull more people in. Apart from that though, don't underestimate music. While we want clients relaxed in the treatment room, we don't want them falling asleep while shopping retail. Make sure to keep the music more positive and energetic.2



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