[POLL] Do You Sell Holiday Skin Care Sets?

[POLL] Do You Sell Holiday Skin Care Sets?

It's time to deck the halls with spa treatments and retail products/sets. With the holiday season in full swing, we know that you are updating your treatment menu and retail offerings with seasonal options.

Clients are often looking for skin care sets during this time of the year to gift to others, as well as try out new products in a more cost effective way. We were surprised to hear that 67% of the Skin Inc. readers were not offering holiday gift sets in their spa. This could be an amazing revenue opportunity for spa professionals to make a little extra during this extra busy season. 

Here are our top tips for selling holiday retail in your spa: 

  1. Make a Pair. Pair your holiday retail gift sets with the seasonal services you offer. If your consumers are interested in one they will likely be interested in the other. It also opens an excellent opportunity for selling home care when it intertwines perfectly with the service provided. 
  2. Make it a Scent Experience. Scent is an incredibly strong sense when it comes to memory. See if you can match any of your holiday fragrant backbar items with your retail, so if you find a consumer complimenting the smell of one of the products you have a retail offering waiting for them to take home. 
  3. Gift, Gift, Gift. The reason we have this down three times is because there are so many ways to support gifting during the holidays. One option, is to gift your clients something (e.g. a percentage off a service, a small sample of another skin car product, etc.) when they buy a holiday gift set. Another option would be to emphasize how amazing a holiday gift set would be as a gift for your client to give to their loved ones.
  4. Display. Dispay is key when it comes to holiday gift sets. You want to make sure they are standing out from your other retail and drawing the eyes of your clients. Great places to display them would be right when clients walk into the spa as well as right by the register where they check out after their appointment. 

These are just some of our top tips to make your holiday gift sets shine this season. 

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