Become a GSN Planet Member this Earth Month

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GSN Planet announced an April Membership Drive to incentivize new and returning members.
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GSN Planet's April Membership Drive is a special promotion during Earth Month. This initiative, designed to coincide with Earth Month, aims to encourage participation and commitment to environmental stewardship within the industry.

The first 150 businesses or individuals who register or renew their memberships during the month of April will receive a complimentary SPA (Sustainable Product Awareness) Box, curated with eco-friendly products.

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"We're excited to launch our April Membership Drive as part of our ongoing efforts to foster sustainability in the spa and wellness community," said Maggy Dunphy, board president of GSN Planet. "This drive not only underscores our dedication to Earth Day but also emphasizes the importance of collective action in creating a greener future for our industry."

"We believe in rewarding our members for their commitment to sustainability," added Dara Mayhew, GSN Planet executive director. "The SPA Box is just one way to express our gratitude and support for their dedication to greener practices."

Membership with GSN Planet comes with an array of exclusive benefits, including a listing on the GSN Member Locator Map, a Digital Media Kit, the opportunity to be featured in Project 5 reaching an audience of more than 5000 through digital channels, inclusion in GSN referral list and tutorials and educational opportunities.

Among the suite of tools available to the GSN community are the GSN Greenspa Calculator, Sustainable Spa Partitioner course, and GSN Green Toolkit. These resources empower users to implement sustainable practices and drive meaningful change within their businesses.

"As we celebrate Earth Day and reflect on our collective responsibility to the planet, GSN Planet remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing sustainability in the spa and wellness industry," Dunphy said. "We invite all spa and wellness professionals to join us in our journey towards a deeper shade of green."

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