A Guide for Adding Crystals to Your Spa Treatments

Reiki chakra crystals collection. Healing minerals for anti stress, positive energy flow and mindset balancing
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We asked if you wanted add crystals and gemstones to your holistic treatments, and 78% of you said yes! Check out this guide for bringing crystals and gemstones into your spa.

Choosing the Perfect Stones

Astrology and zodiac signs can help promote holistic healing and well-being, making them a great complement to gemstones and crystal energy healing. Find expert insights into the best crystals and stones that match the traits of the zodiac signs in "The Ideal Crystal for Each Zodiac Sign."

We covered award-winning holistic esthetician and reiki master Linda Bertaut's Face & Body Northern California education session, "Customizing Crystal Healing Treatments." She discussed important techniques and the wellness benefits of 11 healing crystals in "11 Gemstones for Your Treatment Room."

Since the release of the hit movie Barbie, there was a massive increase in searches for "pink gems," as well as an uptick in the hashtag on social media. So, we put together a fun guide on healing pink crystals with "Hi Barbie! 5 Pink Crystals that Promote Positivity and Love."

Bringing Crystals Into Your Business

Pam Sculthorp, CEO and co-owner of Body Bliss Intentional Aromatherapy, does a deep dive into gemstones for spa businesses, including treatment tips and ideas for adding healing gemstones to spa spaces, in "Harmonize Your Spa Spaces and Treatments with Gemstones."

Christie-Lee Britten, founder of CLB Luxe, specializes in creating crystal wellness experiences for spas. She shares the many ways that these holistic treatments can boost business, and she covers some of the options available to spas and wellness centers in "Crystal-based Wellness Can Boost Your Spa Business."

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