SALT Chamber & Myndstream Create Exclusive Playlist for Salt Therapy Sessions

woman listening to music design
Myndstream and SALT Chamber have teamed up to curate a playlist for salt therapy sessions.
Photo Courtesy of Myndstream

Myndstream and SALT Chamber have partnered to curate an exclusive playlist with music specifically designed for respiratory wellness and breathwork that guests and customers can experience during a salt therapy treatment. Myndstream’s creative team and music engineers worked closely with SALT Chamber to create a science-based and bespoke playlist to augment clients’ salt therapy sessions and create a more immersive wellness experience that impacts the breath, body and mind.

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The addition of the curated playlist to a salt chamber facility gives guests the option to have an experiential self-guided breathwork session that transforms the salt experience into a fully multisensory experience. Played through the sound system installed in SALT Chamber Inc.’s various spaces, the 10, 20 and 45-minute playlists are available through Myndstream’s spa music streaming service, The Stream.

Myndstream will be offering all SALT Chamber customers a free 3-month subscription to the Stream, as well as giving a whole year free to customers of the new Wellness Suite, which is the first salt therapy multisensory concept to introduce the ability to layer various wellness modalities such as music, sound, color, vibration, red light and more to enhance the salt therapy experience.

SALT Chamber’s CEO, Leo Tonkin, said, "We believe that wellness is a holistic journey encompassing mind and body. By teaming up with Myndstream, this partnership is created by two industry pioneers, signifying not only a fusion of cutting-edge technologies but also a profound merging of ancient wisdom with modern science through the power of music. Today, wellness is an art, a science, and a way of life one breath at a time."

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