[Trending] Elevate Holistic Offerings with Beauty and Wellness Supplements

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We asked if your clients request internal beauty and wellness products, and 64% of you said yes! Here is what you need to know about this ongoing trend.

10 Trends that Support the Immune System: From immunity-boosting supplements to lymphatic drainage and other holistic methods, here’s what the experts see trending in immune system support.

[Editor's Picks] 6 Spa Ingestibles for Holistic Wellness Support: WellSpa 360 handpicked these six holistic products for spa visits and at-home rituals.

Top 5 Buzzing Beauty Supplement Trends for 2023: This Cosmetics Business report reveals the five categories within the beauty supplement market that are making waves in wellness this year. 

The Best Men's Supplement Products for 2023: Check out the winners of HisHealthMag Corp.'s Best Men's Supplement Product Awards, based on uniqueness, potency, bioavailability and customer product reviews. 

5 Spa Ingestibles that Promote Wellness from Within: Even more unique spa ingestibles that promote wellness from the inside out!

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