The Nail Growth Oil Going Viral on TikTok

Radiant Cosmetics' nail growth oil is trending on TikTok, but does it really work?
Radiant Cosmetics' nail growth oil is trending on TikTok, but does it really work?
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TikTok users are raving over Radiant Cosmetics' Nail Growth Oil, but does it actually work? 

The company's website claims the nail growth oil is formulated to help replenish natural nails and moisturize, grow, strengthen and brighten nails.

Users all over BeautyTok have put those claims to the test, documenting their nail journey from brittle nail beds to long and strong nails. Some TikTok users claimed they saw results from using Radiant Cosmetics' Nail Growth Oil after a mere two weeks of nightly applications. 

Despite the product being seemingly too good to be true, experts say the results from the nail growth oil are for real. 

Dr. Jaimie Derosa, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, says that the growth oil contains key vitamins E, B7 and and C, which can provide antioxidant protection, minimize nail breakage and boost collagen production. 

The product also contains an easy-to-use pen dispenser, making application quick and efficient for use on the go. 

Although users are loving the product, LeChat Nails educator Anastasia Totty told Byrdie the oil isn't much different than other nail oils on the market. 

"As long as you use it systematically, the results will definitely be visible," Totty explains. "Yet, just by looking at the list of ingredients, I cannot see anything in it that is different from professional cuticle oils available on retail shelves or online." 

Regardless of what product you use, it's important to consistently apply it to maintain healthier nails. 

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