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Although the holistic skin care approach spells more work than applying a product or showing up for a treatment, it also empowers consumers to assume full responsibility for their beauty, health and wellbeing.

For many people, their self-care routine revolves around beauty—a calming skin care routine or a mood—boosting makeup application. Ironic because it’s often the beauty industry causing angst. In the age of social media, where filters and photo manipulation have the eyes of millions, it’s easy to get lost in the image of impossible perfection.

Sure, it can be tricky with scores of new products flooding supermarket shelves daily. But if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that drastic fads are out and holistic, sustainable solutions rooted in nature are in.

Nowadays, consumers view wellness through a much broader and more sophisticated lens, which encompasses fitness, nutrition, physical and mental health and appearance. They also have more choices in the products and services they buy and how they buy them.

Faced with stressors such as post-COVID-19 income declines, rising inflation and social, political and climate upheaval, Gen Z is under more pressure than other age group. Consequently, they prioritize specific values to a greater extent than other generations, particularly self-expression, value for money, holistic wellness, genderless beauty and support for social causes.

Their enthusiasm for skin care products and a sophisticated appreciation of ingredients has guided the industry through a state of flux. And as we emerge from the biggest health crisis in human history, wellness has never been so ingrained in our minds.

Unsurprisingly, the idea of beauty and personal care is becoming intertwined with emotional wellness and self-care, especially since consumers leaned on beauty to provide a sense of comfort or opportunity for indulgence during the pandemic. Two years later, this behavior is still holding strong.

Holistic skin care formulations differ greatly from mainstream cosmetic products They’re prepared from plant-based organic ingredients, medicinal herbs, unrefined cold-pressed oils, essential oils and hydrosols are the foundation.

Consumers are seeking skin care products that support healthy skin function, strengthen the natural protective barrier and boost immune response with pure, wholesome nourishment.

That’s why our new Earth Kiss Inspirations and Super Naturals ranges of cleansing, skin-nurturing clay and biodegradable bamboo sheet masks are founded on two planet-powered star ingredients — Shilajit and Kombucha. Our Spirulina Hydrating Face Mask contains skin-plumping benefits, and Spirulina – which is quickly becoming the beauty industry’s hottest skin-care ingredient.

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The skin knows what it needs to do; it just needs certain obstacles to be removed. These obstacles can be bad nutrition, a build-up of metabolic waste, and emotional pressure in the muscles and skin tissue, which can lead to stagnation and a lack of vitality.

Our mission through Earth Kiss has been to reject harmful, outdated beauty norms and foster a sense of worth via wellness-minded self-exploration. We view beauty as how we feel—rather than look—when we nurture and trust our relationship with ourselves.

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Our 100% vegan, ethical, cruelty-free skin care solutions meet ethical standards and contain zero GMOs. Better still, we’re committed to wildcrafting potent health and beauty-promoting mixtures from uncultivated habitats and unspoiled corners of the earth.

Inspired by the emerging ‘self-care is health care’ revolution that prioritizes regeneration, rejuvenation, and self-healing from within, our new Earth Kiss range of vegan facial masks usher in a new dawn in certified organic skin care.

From the moment of inception, every product is lovingly crafted by our herbalists and humanists at Montagne Jeunesse with the over-riding intention to provide you with a profoundly relaxing home beauty and wellness retreat experience that nurtures your body, mind and soul, as well as your skin.

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